Islamic Dua During Pregnancy – Is Safe And Successful Dua?

Islamic Dua During Pregnancy is protected and fruitful dua, once you are affirmed that you are pregnant, you ought to be thankful to Allah. Also, you can do appeal to prevent miscarriage in pregnancy. Numerous people go to Allah for having children and rather there are numerous people who battle to get favored with youngsters. In this way, you ought to be appreciative to Allah and do dua to avoid miscarriage in pregnancy.


The time of pregnancy is extremely touchy and anything can make issues you and your child. To maintain a strategic distance from such issues, doing Islamic Dua During Pregnancy is extremely useful. There are numerous ways you can appeal to Allah for this. After you do Namaaz consistently, discussing first aayat of Suraah Hajj for three times is an awesome islamic dua during pregnancy. You can likewise present “Ya Haleemo” and afterward go to Allah for a lovely child.


Islamic Dua To Avoid Miscarriage

There are numerous supplications you can do to avoid issues during pregnancy. You can present Surah Inshiqaq or Surah 84 consistently. During first trimester when brain, nervous system and mental faculties of the child are creating, you can recount Surah Luqman or Surah 31 consistently. This can likewise be your normal islamic dua to avoid miscarriage. In the second trimester, you can discuss Surah Yusuf or Surah 12 as dua. It is the time when physical appearance of child develops.


When work approaches in the third trimester, discussing Surah Maryam or Surah. Aside from this, you can go to Allah each morning and additionally evening. For doing this dua for protection from miscarriage, you can recount “Ya Lateef” for 129 times.


In the seventh month, your husband can discuss Surah Inshirah or Surah 94 on the child for 152 times. During the work time, recounting first ayat of Surah 48, Surah 19 and Surah 94 are awesome petitions that work as dua for protection from miscarriage. Likewise, you can recount “Ya Lateef” and “As salaam Alaikum ayuha-nabee wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu” as dua for protec from miscarriage.


Islamic Dua For Protect From Miscarriage

Pregnancy is the most pivotal time for baby and the mother. You need to take additional care of yourself to securely convey the child. Perusing Quran as much as you can is likewise a dua for protect from miscarriage. Consistently, in the event that you present adhkar and awrad, it would be great. Additionally, doing supplications alongside your life partner would be successful for you and your child.


Pregnant ladies can look at photographs of Kaaba. Another dua for protection from miscarriage is to over and again do salawat on Prophet. You can uncommonly center around recounting Salat al-Tunjina. Those ladies who are endeavoring to imagine baby can likewise do dua for protection from miscarriage. You can present Surah Fatiha or Surah 1 for 41 times midst doing Sunnah and fard of Fajr. Discussing Surah Imran or Surah 3 (verse 38) whatever number times each day as could reasonably be expected can be a decent dua for protect from miscarriage.


Aside from this, perusing a few writings from “Book of Assistance” which is composed by Imam al-Haddad can be useful for pregnant ladies. Since babies can perceive sounds and additionally music even in the lady’s womb, perusing such messages can without much of a stretch bring out recognition.


Following this dua for protection from miscarriage is additionally useful for pregnant ladies:

“aa’oooozuu bikaalimaaaatil-laaaahait-taaaammaaaati min shaaarri maaaa khaaalaaq”


As pregnant lady, you can do following dua for protection from miscarriage:

“uu’eethauukuumaaaa bikaalimaaaatil-laaaahait-taaaammaati min kuulli shaaaytaaaanin waa haaaaammaatin, waa min kuulli ‘aaynin laaaammaatin”


Another dua for protection from miscarriage is as follows:

“Raabbaanaa haaab laanaa min aazwaaaajinaaaa waa zuurriyyaaaatinaa quurraat aaaaaayuunin waajaaaaaalnaaaa lilmuuttaaqeenaa imaaaamaaaa”


Islamic Dua For Successful Pregnancy


Islamic dua for successful pregnancy is to recount each of the 99 names of Allaah. Attempt to discuss as much as you can particularly ya khaaliqoo, ya mussaviroo and ya baarioo. Another dua for successful pregnancy is as per the following:


“Bismillaaaahil-laathee laaaa yaadhuurruu maa’aas-mihi shaay’uun fil-‘aardhi waaa laaaa fis-saamaaaa’i waaa Huuwaaas-Saamee ‘uul-‘aaleem”


In the event that you discuss the above dua for fruitful pregnancy toward the beginning of the day, no catastrophe can influence you before night. What’s more, in the event that you recount this dua for fruitful pregnancy at night, no cataclysm can influence you before morning. Yet, recall that you have to discuss this for 3 times at whatever point you read it.


Allah is the guardian of all and forgiving as well. Doing this dua for successful pregnancy can give all the protection you are looking for your child. He knows it exceptionally well what a lady bears in her womb. There is a compelling dua for pregnancy that can give all the protect to mother and baby. You can take saffron and compose Surah al Bayyinah or Chapter 98 on glass dish. Presently, wash this with unadulterated water and drink.


Strong Dua For Effective Pregnancy


To guard yourself from miscarriage or even from premature birth, you can do dua for effective pregnancy. For this, you can take cotton string which is equivalent to your stature and afterward color it in the saffron. Presently, you can make 9 bunches and you ought to discuss verses 127 and 128 of Nahl on each bunch. When you do this dua for successful pregnancy, you additionally need to blow on each bunch.


Aside from all the above dua for successful pregnancy, there are numerous tips that you can remember. You can drink milk on the off chance that you need a brave child and eat watermelon in the event that you need a beautiful child. In the night, you should avoid looking at the mirror. Additionally, perform Mustahib Amaal as much as you can. Attempt to be in wudu every one of the circumstances and don’t confer any transgression.

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